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Cyber Security Solutions

We provide Cyber security solutions including technological tools and services that help protect organizations against cyber attacks, which can result in application downtime, theft of sensitive data, damage to reputation, compliance fines, and other adverse consequences.

Mail Server System

We always set up, configure and manage mails server software to perform sending and receiving emails. Mail servers play a crucial role in the email delivery process. With the mail server, users would have no way of transferring those messages to and from other mail clients.

Linux System Administration

We often set up, configure, and manage a computer system in a Linux environment. System administration involves creating a user account, taking reports, performing backup, updating configuration files, documentation, and performing recovery actions.

MS Active Directory Domain Service

We set up, configure and manage AD DS to allow IT teams managing and storing information about enterprise resources. It helps IT teams organize those resources — both users and computing devices — in a logical hierarchical structure. 

Web/Email Hosting Services

We offer an online service that makes your website’s content accessible on the internet.  We also offer  a service  which allows a client to rent out a physical space to send/receive emails. Using free email addresses detracts from the value you want to offer your customers.

IT Procurement and Sales

We guide the client how to purchase and implement information technology (IT) in accordance with organization strategy. We use technical and product knowledge to advise and guide customers in purchases and to support them in after-sales care.

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About Jwicerz

We always set up, configure and manage Cyber Security Solutions, Mail Server System, Microsoft Software, and  Ekran Session Monitoring System.

We provide other services including Web Hosting, IT Consulting and IT Corporate Trainings.


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